Pre & Post Workout Food…what to eat?

Posted on March 27th

Pre/Post workout…what should you eat? What should you avoid?

Its a question that comes up quite often, what type of food and how soon before and after a workout should you eat….well I hope this little article will help you out a bit.

The point of the pre workout is to give your body some energy from the right sources to be able to do your workout properly, but this should be 1-2hrs before training, to be able to allow the body to digest it. A Mix of complex carbs to ensure a slow release of energy, and also easily digestible.
Organic Peanut Butter (not sun pat) on Gluten Free Bread with Banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon
Seeds/Nuts (small amount as high in fat)
Fruit & Nut Style Trail Mix – handful
Oatmeal – slow release
Apple Wedges with Peanut Butter on
Helping to increase energy levels & avoid that sugar crash that you would get from sugary, crappy snacks

The point of the post workout is to give the body nutrients to restore and rehydrate the body and aid with muscle recovery. The post workout food should be 30-45mins after.
Lean proteins – non bloating
Salmon – inflammatory and helps regulate insulin levels
Sweet Potato – helps restore Glycogen levels
Spinach – lowers Blood Pressure, is an anti inflammatory and helps curb appetite
Eggs – aid muscle recovery
Avocado – Helps the body absorb minerals from veggies
Protein & Veggies rich juice/smoothie drink

I hope this has helped

Avoid any sugary snacks, that you think give you a high and also caffeine – its not doing the body any good and as much as you feel it is aiding a workout or recovery its just adding sugar to the body….also check out “protein bars & Shakes” if you are taking them – look at the sugar content, yes they may be full of protein BUT almost all of them are laden with sugar…so kind of cancels out the good stuff

Eat Right
Train Right
Recover Right

Jen x

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