Rest & Recovery

Posted on June 22nd

Listen to your Body and pay attention to what it is trying to tell you.

When we are in pain – its normally the final straw for the body and the final way to get our attention….HELLLOOOOO!!!

Pain manifests when we ignore the emotional and psychological triggers within our body…..and then BAM pain hits and we have to stop and listen

Training, Working out and all that is great but what about Rest? What about Recovery? Why aren’t these factored into your training program? why do we ignore these and constantly keep pushing our body to the limit?

When we then ignore the pain and push past the barriers and carry on..what happens? injury occurs and its a setback and then this will then affect our mental health as well as our physical,

Being in-tune with our body is so crucial.

Ive been there…ignored, carried o, trained through injuries and pushed past my barriers and take it from me….it doesn’t get you any further along. Im a lot more in-tune with my body now…I listen, I rest when needed, I recover properly and I do what my body needs.

You may be thinking “I dont need a rest…Im a machine” but let me tell you now…even well oiled machines eventually breakdown.

Do you think professional athletes rest and recover?? Damn right they do…so why dont we?? In my eyes anyone that moves in an athlete – so we should be resting

Resting wont make you lose all the results you’ve worked hard for – not resting and looking after your body will do this as you will eventually become ill

If you dont make time for wellness then sooner or later you will need to make time for illness – harsh? but true

Resting is good for our body, physically and mentally…it allows us to destress, focus and reflect and of course give our muscles a well earned rest

Please factor in rest and recovery into your program

Jen x