Self Care Tip – Instagram

Posted on February 21st

Quick Self Care Tip

OK So we all follow people on Social Media….and whilst we may follow to initially admire them, a lot of them time we then start to see them in a different light…..we no longer admire them and look up to them, we start to become jealous. Jealous of what they have that we dont, jealous of how they look and jealous of their body’s/lifestyle.

This will then eat away at us, causing us to become miserable, hate on ourselves and spend all our time constantly stalking them and watching everything they do. We start to compare ourselves to others, negative though patterns come in and our self esteem goes down.

Why do we do it to ourselves? In all honesty, we dont even realize we do it…we just suddenly become negative and hating on ourselves and its hard to find out why.

My point??

If you feel this way about anyone – whether its family/friends/celeb/influencer….anything like that then you gotta unfollow – this isn’t being nasty – this is essential for your own wellbeing and your own mental state

STOP Following someone who makes you feel less about yourself, who makes your debut who you truely are and makes you constantly put yourself down…OK they may not “personally” be doing it but subconsciously you are being affected

Step back and look at who you follow, be aware of your thoughts when you watch their stuff and unfollow…until you have gained your confidence back

You are amazing and dont deserve to be getting dragged down

This is the day of Social Media and we cant escape it, but you can protect yourself and your mental state

Jen x