Sports Massage – did you know?

Posted on June 21st

Sports Massage….did you know its actually not mean to “hurt”…there are so many misconceptions when it comes to sports massage and I just wanted to do this little post about it

Sports Massage is generally a deeper pressure style massage…which may cause some discomfort and may seem a little painful BUT it should never get to the point where you are in agony, it should never cause more damage to the body and leave you feeling in a lot of pain.

During and following the massage it may be uncomfortable and there may be some aches and tender points, but this certainly shouldn’t leave you feeling ill or in so much pain you cannot move……actually going “too” deep on certain parts of the body can cause further damage to soft tissue.

Bruising can happen….but this is an individual thing and will depend on how easily you bruise.

Always make sure your therapist is fully qualified in the treatment you are looking for.

Dont be scared of Sports Massage…as all massage treatments no matter what they are should be tailored to the individual

Jen x