Stay Active in Winter – my Top Tips

Posted on November 9th

When it comes to Winter…staying active can be the last thing we want to do, we just want to stay snuggled up in a blanket with a cup of tea and some biccies and hibernate in the cold and dark months…BUT Staying active in Winter isn’t as hard as it seems and can actually give you more energy for Winter and the coming months.

I know I know….you don’t want to venture out into the cold and the thought of putting on your gym gear even just gives you chills and all you want is a Big cup of tea and your dressing gown


Here are my TOP TIPS to staying active this Winter

* Fun Outdoors Activities – check what is going on locally or in the community

* Layer Up – you can always go outside when its cold as long as you are laid up and then you ca always remove layers when you go indoors or get warm

* Stay Hydrated – it isn’t just the Summer that we need to stay hydrated… the winter too – even nice hot drinks like tea and hot water….keeping the insides warm but also staying hydrated

* Walking – go for a walk, get wrapped up and go for a walk. There is something quite special about being in nature and this time of year we have the leaves falling and the crunching under our feet. Walking is a great way to energise the Physical and Mental Body – its FREE and can be done as a family.

* Take the stairs – if going outside just makes u feel cold…take the stairs at work instead of the lift.

* There are 1000000s of videos on Youtube that are FREE…check them out (mine is

* Take up a winter sport

Staying active during Winter will give you more energy and strengthen the immune system and this will help keep colds at bay. It will keep you warm and also increase your mood.

Make your goals smaller in these Winter months…..dont over stress the body by making Goals BIG at this time of year…there is enough going on, just make the goals small and manageable