Stress Bucket??

Posted on February 2nd

Think of a bucket….you keep adding to it but there is no outlet….so the bucket becomes full and spills out….well our lives can get like this and I like to call it the “Stress Bucket”

Life is full of stressors…but not all are bad, everything in our life (even if we love it) stresses the body or mind in some way – as it adds to what we need to do/think about on a daily basis……if we dont create a good “life balance” our own stress bucket will spill out and then this can bring on illness and anxiety etc

We are always trying to do more, be busy and take on more…..and whilst this is all well and good and we have the best intentions……this is causing our own bucket to get full, and unless we take some time out, release some thing and let go……its guna spill over

We need to find that balance and also learn to say NO when we dont have the time or the energy to add anymore in – its OK to say No and its OK to take time out

Weight up everything you are adding into the bucket…what are you doing to make space? Make time? Empty some of the bucket??

We need to be able to take time to rest, recover, breathe and just be – we cant be everything to everyone and I think sometimes we forget this…we thrive on being busy and think it makes us look like a super hero….but it doesn’t, because in all fairness… actually cares or is bothered

Start making holes in your bucket and letting some of the “stressors go”…because if not the bucket will get too full…and then BAM!!!! This is when we get sick, tired, depressed!!!

What will you do to your bucket this week??