Strong……over Skinny

Posted on September 8th

Strong Over Skinny

When you are training/eating well/following a plan (etc) are you doing it because you want to be “Strong” or “Skinny”??

Do you see it as a punishment or as taking steps to becoming a better, healthier and stronger you?

Do you focus on the negatives, flaws and beat yourself up, or do you accept them, embrace them and love yourself no matter what?

What’s you goal STRONG or SKINNY??

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to lose weight etc…thats OK if that’s your goal, and I am not saying there is anything wrong with being naturally a smaller framed person….this isn’t what this is about.

So much focus is put on “skinny”, on numbers on a scale and size…but why?? What’s the big deal?? I do feel social media has a LOT to answer for in this case….they parade photos (often photoshopped) of models and people who are classed as “skinny” and make this the goal for people…and not just women, men as well but its even more dangerous to the teenagers who are growing up in this society thinking thats the life goals…that skinny is the best end result and thats all that matters….really??

There is a LOT of pressure out there on people to look a certain way, to fit in? To be beautiful? I dont know…but what I do know is its BS (bullshit in case you didn’t know)…because a size, a number on a scale does NOT define you and who you are and your place in society….OK??

How about we shift the focus and desire to be strong (and by strong I dont mean bodybuilder – unless thats ur goal….) Strong doesn’t mean BIG muscles and bulging biceps….STRONG comes from within, a strong, healthy and happy body from thee inside out….STRONG means feeling good and that your body stays energised and that you fuel it with the right food and take care of it, STRONG means that you are mentally strong as well as physically….


By Strong I dont mean that you can go and lift a car (although why the hell not)….the misconceptions around strong are big manly muscles….but why?? What’s with the stigma, why cant STRONG be a state of mind, a state of physical being…rather than just muscles??

Being strong inside and out, strong enough to follow your own rules, strong is eating that piece of pizza and not beating yourself up over it, strong is missing that gym session for an extra hours sleep…knowing that sometimes you need to listen to your body, STRONG is ignoring all the crap and “expectations” on social media and being who the f**k you wanna be, strong is ignoring peoples comments and living life by your own rules

You see STRONG isn’t just a physical state……its a mental one too.


Strive for Health, Wellness, Strong Mind, Strong Body…STEP AWAY from the scales….STOP comparing yourself to others and especially to instagram “celebs”…….be STRONG enough to embrace who you are.

Lift those weight girls…dont be afraid (and if you are unsure hire a trainer to help you)

We are all Wonder Woman

Jen x