Struggling to get into a routine?

Posted on March 7th

Are you struggling to get back into Routine this year?

Are you just not sure where to start?    

Are you still staring at the half full box of celebrations?

Are you feeling lethargic and lacking motivation?

DONT WORRY….because I can guarantee you are NOT alone here…..but you also DONT have to suffer.

Here are my Top Tips to help you get back to routine:

  • Stop Stressing – by stressing about the fact you are not in routine, will actually make things worse.
  • Give yourself a break – we are human – it happens
  • Start small – it doesn’t have to be a big elaborate gesture – just start small (drink more water, eat more veggies, go for a walk)
  • Set yourself some daily goals/aims you wanna achieve – even if it is simply “get a wash”
  • Go for a walk, blow off the cobwebs, get some fresh air and clarity – this is my biggest go to when I am not feeling myself
  • Set that alarm, get up with purpose and make a plan for the day
  • Put your fav music on and dance around like no1 is watching, I promise if nothing else it’ll make you smile
  • Fuel your body with the good stuff, make a smoothie, get some veggies in your body, have juice – look well from the inside out.
  • Sign up to that course/class – whatever it is you keep promising yourself
  • Sleep!!! Get good quality sleep
  • Start a gratitude diary – every morning when you get up to say 1 thing you are grateful for – just 1 thing every day – it’ll lighten your spirits and remind you of what you have
  • Step away from the choccies and wine…yes its been lovely to indulge but I bet deep down you are ready for some goodness
  • Only make a NY Resolution if you really wanna….if you are just doing it to conform to society then dont bother, as it’ll only stress u out when you dont achieve it because you didn’t really want it.

Its Ok to feel this way


Just dont stay there….pick yourself up and remember of all the things you wanna achieve

Move More

Eat Well

Have daily Gratitude

You got this

Before you know it you’ll be back into the swing on things

Jen x