Sunday & Prep

Posted on March 19th

Sunday is here…and whilst for some it can be a day of rest, for others it may be a day for a long run…or a walk with the family (weather permitting of course in the UK), I like to use Sunday as reflection, and also a chance to prep (or at least write my to-do list) for the week ahead.

I know some people can see “Prepping” as a right ball ache but in the long run….its so much more beneficial.

How do you spend (or like to spend) your Sunday?

Today I went for a walk, in between rain episodes and then came home and had time to prep my work load for the week ahead…Prepping doesnt always need to be about food, here are some ways you can prep your way to success every week:


  • Prep your food, make in bulk and pop in the fridge….you can make 2/3 days worth and its stay fresh in the fridge
  • Go Food shopping and get the good stuff in, therefore you won’t be tempted to raid the cupboards sunday night or grab crap for your lunch Monday
  • Get your gym bag ready or if you first thing, lay your gym stuff out ready
  • Book those appointments with YOURSELF…yes those gym sessions and massage/meditation/Classes….see them as appointments with yourself and then you are less likely to cancel or miss
  • De-Clutter – a love a good declutter and it works wonders for the mind and the soul
  • Get the whole family/your partner on track with you – get others involved so you can support each other
  • Go to bed with a positive thought
  • Get a good nights sleep

They all seen pretty obvious dont they?? But its surprising how some people think its a lot more taxing


Get prepping…in YOUR way and start you week off how you mean to go on


Jen xx