Eating Out Healthy – Liverpool

So following on from the recent survey one of the things requested that I write about was healthy eating choices whilst eating out. So I thought Id put together this short little article with some hints and tips on eating out and some places Ive personally visited and found healthy and yummy! I am sure there are plenty of other places…always new places cropping up isn’t there.

Anyways……People often say “I cant stay on track when I go out for food as its hard and no healthy choices…Im sorry but “bulls**t” – it just takes a little bit more patience and a little bit more time…and lucky for us, a lot of restaurant and eateries are getting a lot more savvy now…especially when it comes to allergies and specific nutritional requirements.

If you are wanting to stay on track, healthy and avoid the BAD stuff, but still wanna be able to eat out and enjoy yourself…here are some of my top tips!!

Be fussy – if you want substitute something on the menu for something else – ASK!! Seriously you will be surprised how easy it is, after all the restaurants want to make you happy and you want to enjoy your food – I always substitute chips for Sweet Potato or ask for some veggies – I mean its nothing too technical for the chef
I always opt for Fish or lean meat – or sometimes I quite often go for the veggie option….well as long as it isn’t pasta (vom)
Avoid the sauces and dressings….they are laden with sugar and salt
Dont think you always need to have a dessert…why? If your food is nutritious enough, you should be full and feeling good from your meal….if your food was sugar and bad fats laden…yes of course your body is going to crave a sweet dessert
Get some nice water with your meal – dont have an alcoholic drink!! If you need something sweeter than water…ask for sparkling water with a slice of lemon/lime or mint….they have all this  behind the bar – so no biggie
I love a plate of veggies and fish/meat – it fills me, is nutritious and doesn’t leave me feeing bloated and wanting more
I always ask for more veggies and more often than not….as a side dish Veggies is an option!

Most restaurants/cafes now have Gluten Free, Veggie, Dairy Free and Vegan options…but sometimes you will need to ASK!!! They normally have a serrate menu or will be able to tell you want meals meet your nutritional criteria. Just ASK…..after all if you dont ask you dont get!!

Places Ive personally eaten at (bearing in mind I am gluten free and dairy free)
Leaf – Bold Stree
GIVE Kitchen – Brunswick Dock
Bills Kitchen (L1 – under Bierkeller)
Pizza Express – they do a fab superfood salad and offer GF on most of their dishes
Marino Lounge – New Brighton Prom
Crust – Bold Street
Zizzi – L1
Las Iguanas – L1
Pret – Liverpool
Trattoria 51 – Old Hall St
Egg Cafe – off Renshaw St

So go along and try them out

There are so many more options now -a-days and people and companies are becoming a lot more savvy…so YES you can eat out and stay on track and be healthy, its just about being more aware, asking questions and looking at the menu!!!

If in doubt – go online and check the menus before you eat there or ring ahead….it may sound like a big fuss but for the price of your health – it really isn’t

Now go out and enjoy yourself!!

Jen x

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Love you HEART!!

Heart Health

So February is often seen as the LOVE month…..where everyone suddenly decides they need a date….but actually there is more important matters of the Heart – YES PUN totally intended

February is Heart Month for another reason – so I am here to talk about HEART HEALTH

You can go on to the British Heart Foundations Website and get publications, leaflets and much more….but I wanted to write this little article about Heart Health

How a healthy heart works

Your heart is a muscle about the size of a fist. It is in the middle of your chest tilted slightly to the left.

Each day, your heart beats about 100,000 times. It pumps about 23,000 litres (5,000 gallons) of blood around your body.

This blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body, and carries away unwanted carbon dioxide and waste products. Your heart is a vital part of your cardiovascular system.

How can you help keep your Heart Healthy?

Helps keep the heart strong
Reduces risk of heart disease
Reduces Cholesterol
Reduces Blood Pressure
Increases Energy
Reduces Stress
It doesn’t have to be a big challenge you set yourself…small steps of you are starting out:
Small Changes
As little as 10mins a day counts
Be realistic with your goals
Make it part of your day (take the stairs, walk on lunch)
Variety – mix it up
Reward progress with a massage
Join a group and get support

2. Healthy Eating
Regular Meals
Veggies in your diet
Reduce Salt Intake
Eliminate “Bad” Fats
Eat Fish
Stay Hydrated
Eat “Good” Fats
Don’t go crazy, and don’t avoid food….just change your lifestyle and eat healthy:
Keep a food diary
Plan and Prepare Meals
Resist Temptation

3. Eliminate/Reduce Stress
Stress isn’t a direct factor but it is a contributor. The more you stress, the more stress you put on your heart and it’ll also have an effect on your diet and exercise….so really it all needs to work hand in hand
Make positive Lifestyle Changes
Positive, Healthy changes to Diet
Seek support if needed
Take time out

All the above points work hand in hand and they all support each other.
Start small and prioritise and work through a way to lead the happiest and healthiest lifestyle you can

You Deserve it

Your HEART Deserves it

Give it the love it needs….not just for February….for LIFE!!!

Jen x

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Warming Soup Recipe

The past week the temperatures have really dropped so why not make up a winter warming soup….you can take along to work and share with all the family and its Healthy and Tasty

Broccoli & Apple Soup

Serves 4. You need:
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 cups fresh broccoli stalks, peeled and diced
2 tablespoons fresh thyme, finely chopped
1 cup onion, thinly sliced
1 cup red cooking apple, peeled and diced
½ cup celery, diced
4 cups all-natural chicken stock
¼ teaspoon ground pepper
¼ cup plain, active culture yoghurt
2 tablespoons minced parsley
1. Heat oil in a large pot with the lid on. Add broccoli, thyme, onion, apple and celery.
Cover and cook over low heat 10 minutes
2. Add chicken stock and pepper and cook 30 minutes more
3. Remove from heat and cool slightly
4. Puree the soup one portion at a time in blender or food processor
5. Serve hot or chilled and garnished with a dollop of yogurt and sprinkling of minced

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Beat the Winter Blues….

Beat the Winter Blue
Top 10 Tips to get you through Winter

1. Keep active

Research has shown that a daily walk, in the middle of the day, could be as helpful as light treatment for coping with the winter blues. Plus u’ll be getting fit at the same time…bonus!! Whether it means joining a gym, a class or going for a walk (make sure you wrap up warm)

If you’re exercising after dark, keep to well-lit areas and wear bright and reflective clothing. Ideally, exercise with a friend, but always tell someone where you’re going.
Avoid listening to music while running outdoors. Not hearing what’s going on around you can make you vulnerable.

If rain or ice is making exercise dangerous, do it another day. The weather might be better tomorrow, but an injury could take weeks to heal.
2. Get outside
Go outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible, especially at midday and on bright days. Inside your home, choose pale colours that reflect light from outside, and sit near windows whenever you can.

3. Keep warm

Being cold makes you more depressed. It’s also been shown that staying warm can reduce the winter blues by half. Keep warm with hot drinks and hot food. Wear warm clothes and shoes and aim to keep your home between 18oC and 21oC (or 64oF and 70oF degrees). For further information on what you can do, including applying for grants to keep your home warm, visit

Severe symptoms

If your symptoms are so bad that you can’t live a normal life, see your GP for medical help.

4. Eat healthily

A healthy diet will boost your mood, give you more energy and stop you putting on weight over winter. Balance your craving for carbohydrates, such as pasta and potatoes, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. “Some people tell us that taking extra vitamin D helps,” Good food sources of vitamin
D include oily fish and eggs. Take in plenty of dark leafy green veggies and immune boosting foods. A perfect time of your to make those homemade soups 5. Lighten up
Light therapy can be effective in up to 85% of diagnosed cases. One way to get light therapy at home in winter is to sit in front of a light box for up to two hours a day.

6. Take up a new hobby

Keeping your mind active with a new interest seems to ward off symptoms of SAD, “It could be anything, such as playing bridge, singing, knitting, joining a gym, keeping a journal or writing a blog. The important thing is that you have something to look forward to and concentrate on,” she adds.

7. See your friends and family

It’s been shown that socialising is good for your mental health and helps ward off the winter blues. Make an effort to keep in touch with people you care about and accept any invitations you get to social events, even if you only go for a little while. It will really help to lift your spirits.

8. Vitamins

Take Vitamin C, Echinacea, Zinc to help with Cold and Flu Symptoms, it is also worthwhile taking these all year round too…so your body is topped up.

9. Sleep

During the Winter you may find you want to/do sleep more….but don’t worry its your body’s way of catching up on any Sleep Debt it may have (although saying that don’t be late for work!) Get to bed before 10:30pm….an you can lose weight too 😉

10. Look after YOURself and YOUR Loved ones

Stock up on wholesome foods, vitamins and make sure you look after all your family. Check up on elderly relatives and neighbours who may not be able to get round in the Winter months.

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