Friday Top Tip – Stay Hydrated

Friday TOP TIP!!

Stay Hydrated!! it can be easy when the wind is blowing and cold snap is here to think you need Tea and Coffee all day long…NOOOOO!!!

If you have a hot drink opt for Hot water with a slice of lemon or a herbal teabag (Ginger Tea is lovely in this weather and definitely a fav of mine)

Add Lemons, Limes, Mint, Cucumber to cold water and pop i your water bottle…refreshing, detoxing and helps you drink more water

Have a water bottle on your desk at work or on the go….so it always reminds you to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated helps flush toxins, lubricate and hydrate the muscles and stop any headaches brewing and also keeps off hunger pangs…..even more important when exercising

Jen x

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