Preparation is KEY!!!

OK so you may have seen recently I have been posting picture about my prepared food…annoying as it may be there is a reason I am doing this…it’s to hopefully inspire you all to prepare your meals ahead of time…to ensure you stay on track with your goals.

I see so many people saying “I haven’t got time to make my meals” but the same people will probably sit for over an hour watching TV….I don’t mean to sound harsh but it’s all about priorities.

I know it’s an old cliche saying but “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” – therefore if u don’t plan ur meals/workouts etc., are more likely to miss them or end up eating some crappy processed stuff from the shop…. YES and I am even talking about this “healthy living” butties and micro meals you see….healthy? Really?

If you jump out of bed late or just cant be bothered making your meals for work…you will end up eating rubbish from the shop, going to a fast food type food place or picking on biccies in the office (as let’s be honest it’s always someone’s birthday and always sweet and stuff floating about) and if you have no food prepared you are more likely to be tempted to pick on these things to keep you going and keep your energy levels up.

Preparing food doesn’t have to be a boring, time consuming task! Quite often I make a big evening meal and use half of it for my lunch the next day or make a big batch of something in bulk and freeze in pots….easy to take out and cook. It doesn’t have to be stressful and thinking “OMG I can’t do this, I haven’t got time” … can throw food in the oven whilst u watch TV,bath kids, get yourself ready for next day (of course make sure u put a timer on it so u don’t burn ur food) – if you buy the right food, right ingredients and stuff to prepare meals then it is so much easier….having bad food or no food to prepare in the house is obviously going to make it so much harder.

Sometimes I am tired after long days, esp lately…but I always make time to prepare my meals the night before (or morning if I have time) – it doesn’t take long and I know in the long run it will be so much better for me.

What’s stopping you being prepared? Is it sheer laziness? Lack of motivation?

You have to ask yourself how much you want to be healthy/lose weight/stay on track….and your desire to succeed needs to be higher than ur excuses…..EXCUSE OR RESULT?

I know it sounds harsh and like I am having a go…but it’s the truth and you know it 😉 – it’s so easy to get home from work, throw ur tea in and then slob on the couch for the rest of the evening…an that’s ok,but try and think ahead….plan at the beginning of the week any meals you think you need to prepare/buy for and set yourself some time aside to do this…..yeh ok it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but the benefits far outweigh the downside of it.

You don’t have to prepare big elaborate meals…but make sure they are nutritious, full of protein and green veggies and a variety…for example I will quite often make:
chicken, sweet pot and spinach
Tuna, rice and salad
Any meats, quinoa and spinach/kale
Any fish rice/sweet pot and raw broccoli

In society now we all have busy lifestyles and gone are the days of 9-5 working, people now work shifts, have families and work unsocial able hours….but next time you are sat on the couch for 2hrs- think about preparing some food for the next day/day ahead….especially if your goal is health/weight loss.

If your goal is weight loss/health etc then prep is KEY to achieving ur goals….temptation is everywhere and not being prepared not only leaves you stuck and open to getting some rubbish from the shop but also can stress you out big time… As u start worrying about not being prepared, then you beat yourself up and end up picking on crap to make ur self feel better but in turn it does the exact opposite and before u know it this vicious circle continues. When you are trying to stay on track…you need to be prepared, even if it means making a list of meals you can make and can be prepared in advance and doing this at the beginning of every week….yeh it takes time but surely it’s worth it?

Remember we all have the same 24hrs in the day, it’s just how we utilise and prioritise our time that counts.

Remind ur self how much You want to achieve your goals….

Take time to prepare

I promise you once you start you will see how easy it is

Now go prepare some food I’ve kept u long enough

Jen x

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