Shopping for Healthy Food – Liverpool

So I am always posting recipes and healthy food etc….and Ive been asked where I buy the stuff from….now without sounded like a complete sarcky cow…..its not some magical land in Narnia… really, YES there are specific Health Food Shops, but a lot of the stuff and ingredients can be bought in a local supermarket…the thing is you just have to LOOK or ASK!

After all some of the slogans of supermarkets are “Happy to Help” so if you cant find something – ask!!

I buy a lot of my stuff from:
Supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, Aldi, Morrisons) – yes I know all supermarkets stock different stuff…but they are everywhere
Holland and Barrett (online and instore)
Mattas on Bold St, Liverpool
Maggies Farm – organic fruit, veg and more on Aigburth Rd in Liverpool
Independent Health Food Stores – and these will be different in every city – just google it
Online – (amazon, planet organic) – again google!!!

If I cant find something in a shop, I just google it – the wonderful world of the Web now helps so so much! Its easy, if you are looking for something, check the company’s website and then if not…check any online stores! Amazon now-a-days sells all kinds…an very reasonable!

Supermarkets are stocking a lot more now, especially for specific nutritional requirements – yes we still may be miles behind the times..BUT its a step in the right direction and just have a good mooch!!

Online searching & buying is so so easy now

I understand some ingredients and things are a pain in the ass to find/buy – but if this is the case I just look online!

if you need anymore info on any specific ingredients/ items or aren’t sure, just give me a shout!!

Jen x

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