Taking Time Out

Posted on March 22nd

You may (or may not) have noticed Ive been quiet on Social Media lately….most of you probably haven’t even realised but Ive had quite a few messages off people wondering where I am

Im still here…..but Im going to be brutally honest, Im going through some shit at the minute….Im feeling overwhelmed and a little lost and I can’t just post for the sake of posting….I like things to have meaning and then last week I got injured and really sick all in 1 week and I have taken this as a sign from the universe that something needs to change and I need to slow down

Im just not sure where Im meant to be anymore or if this is even all for me confused.com is about as clear as I can be

I love what I do

I love my businesses

But something doesn’t feel right

Im in a darkish place, feeling overwhelmed, a little stressed and have a lot of doubt and worry flying around my head

So if Im not posting, its not because I dont care,…its quite the opposite..I CARE TOO MUCH, so that’s why I cant just post random stuff that has no depth/meaning

Why am I saying this?? 

Because this is REAL LIFE….this is owning a business, this is being a girl boss and this is being someone who puts 110% into everything but often feels I am stuck

This is the side no1 see’s – the side that no1 else shares on Social media…because hey god forbid we actually admit we are struggling?? Oh no lets just carry on saying “I’m Fine” – well Im sorry but Im done with that Bullshit

Everything is running as normal up to now…but I may need to take some time out

Love and Light and Healthy Vibes always

If anyone else is feeling this way –  know its OK…we are human, we can smile and still be having a shitty time…I am here for anyone – anytime….but I also need to remember to be there for myself too

Jen x