Time…..is that really an excuse??

Posted on November 26th

So after a recent survey I done asking people what there biggest struggles where…I decided to do some articles based on all the topics and hopefully give you some tips.

Topic 5: Time

OK…here we go..the “Time Excuse”

Now I know life is busy….hardly anyone is 9-5 Mon-Fri anymore…..society has changed and we are all busy….BUT when it comes to “making time” its all about priorities.

I hear a lot of “I haven’t got time to workout/prep food” but then these some people will sit and watch TV for 2-3 hrs after work…NOW I AM NOT saying there is anything wrong with that, but if you are going to moan there is no time…then have a look at your day.

Yes everyone is different – kids/work/lifestyles/families – I get it – Im busy myself….BUT its about priorities……and it really isn’t that simple.

Can you really not squeeze in 10-15mins a day for some exercise?? Really??

Here are some of my TOP TIPS for making Time be on your side
* Make it a priority….if you want it bad enough you will FIND that spare time….and it doesn’t have to be hours – 20-30mins for a good workout…can you find that 3-4 times a week?
* Write down your day hr and by hr and see where u can maybe manage the time a bit better…can you do just 2 hrs of TV and then have a workout?
* Got Kids?? No probs…..get them involved…do family “moving” activities
* Work long hours?? Suggest that the workplace gets an instructor in at lunchtime to do a class..? Join a local gym and go lunchtimes/before work?
* Get up that little bit earlier and start your day right.
* Organise a schedule within your household that allow you some”you time” – yes I know people have to be parents and stuff but surely YOU can still have YOU TIME….if only for your sanity.
* Hire a trainer to come to YOU….cuts out the travelling time (I train all my client in their own homes)

You see life is busy, time is flying….but what is your health worth to you??

Jen x