Tips for Beginners

Posted on February 7th

Its that time of year tat we all want t get fit and lose weight/increase our fitness….I wanted to share my TOP Tips for all you Beginners…I really hope it helps and inspires you

Start Slow – as tempting as it can be to want to go in 100 miles an hour…if you are new to exercise it could actually do your more damage than good…start slow, build it up and work on what your body needs and wants

Remember to REST – YES thats right REST…its a very important part of the whole program, without rest we cannot recover and without rest we are more susceptible to injuries….the body NEEDS REST, so make sure you factor in rest days as well

Eat for your body – Your body needs FUEL and even more when you are exercising, so please STAY AWAY from these fad diets and eat right for your body…fuel before and after workout and make sure you are eating the foods that give you energy

Be Patient – its not going to happen over night…true change takes time, it isn’t a quick fix its a lifestyle change, so be patient and enjoy the process…..I promise results will come, just relax and wait

Listen to your body – Always!!! This goes for beginners and advanced exercisers alike…your body knows whats best and it will always tell you what it needs you to hear, listen to it and watch for signs.

Don’t compare yourself to others – Its so easy to look at others in the gym and classes and compare yourself to them….well STOP, remember you are YOU, no1 else is like you, everyone is at different stages in their fitness journey so dont compare your day 1 to someones day 200…focus on your own progress

Stay Hydrated – this is essential just to life, but even more so when you are exercising more (especially in hot temps)….Drinking for your body and replacing any fluids lost during exercise, will help with performance and stop the body fatiguing and keep the body hydrated and ready to go

Ask for help – its OK to ask for help, seek professional help if you are unsure or you have a specific goal and want some extra help…its OK….thats what trainers are for. Get something specific for you that focuses on your goals and that will help your achieve whatever it is you are chasing

So there you go my TOP TIPS for Beginners

I really hope its been helpful and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch

Jen x