We’ve all been there…..right?

Posted on March 2nd

We’ve all been there right?

Jeans….who else has a love-hate relationship with them??

This happened to me yesterday…to be fair how I am feeling I prob shouldn’t have even entered a changing room BUT I was killing time before my classes and occupying my mind

Jeans….such a funny item of clothing…almost always guaranteed to make someone feel shitty how about they look and their size!!

Who even decides on what a “12” is in jeans??….not everyone who is a 12 is the same size, looks the same or even weighs the same (btw I am using 12 hypothetically….its the first number that came into my mind)

Personally I always have to go up a size in jeans due to my legs and bum…..so they gape on the waist…..because I am NOT a size, I am NOT a weight, I am not a number…..Im kinda a bit more

I laughed it off (I really did)….because approx 30 secs after this picture was taken I struggled to get them off because I was so hot in the changies and I was like WTF I cant get these off…..and feared I may be spending the rest of my days in half zipped up jeans

Moral?? Dont let a “jean” define you…or a number

BUT also moral…..fuck jeans!!!

Thank you for anyone who messaged me….telling me I am strong <3 because yes I am

Who else has the “jeans struggle”? Beaucse its REAL!

Jen x