What did 2019 and the Decade bring and teach you?

Posted on January 2nd

What has this decade taught you?
What has this decade brought you?

For me…this decade has shown me how strong I really am and also shown me how I can achieve my dreams

At the beginning of the decade I was in a job I hated and I was really unhappy and Id say unwell

I lost a long term relationship (which turned out to be the bet thing that ever happened to me…although didn’t see it at the time)

I also lost my Best Friend, my Grandad…..and I never though I could survive that loss

I Left the Job
I got over the Relationship
I built my business and made it a success
Ive travelled all over the USA (and other parts)
I lost my grandad….BUT it brought out a strength I didn’t know
Ive seen friends get married
Ive lost friends
Ive gained new friends
Ive seen babies come into the world
Ive nearly given up – BUT I never
I had a mini breakdown….but Im here and I survived and Im faking strong!

Im lucky
I have so many memories and even the bad ones have taught me lessons

Thanks for everyone who’s been part of the past decade…..whether you have been a blessing or a lesson….you have all played a part in my decade and I am forever grateful

Lessons Learnt
Hearts Broken
But I keep smiling and know the future is bright

Bring on 2020