What do I do??

Posted on June 12th

I quite often get asked what I do in between teaching my classes or training clients – I think sometimes people think I sit and watch daytime tele …so I thought I’d give u an insight into what my days sometimes consist of

My Own Training

Classes (2-4 a day) or Clients – or on some days both

Eating – obv!
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Posts
Writing Client Programs
Planning and Writing Class Routines
Researching and then writing articles
Looking for new ideas for classes (constantly) online
Sort insurances/Music Licences
Sort and find new music for classes
Answering FB Messages and Emails
Promoting my services
My own Personal Development
Studying for courses
and there is so much more

You see I do EVERYTHING myself…I dont have an accountant, admin person, social media assistant, someone who answers my email…..and when I go to classes…the routines dont just pop into my head…I plan and prepare everything

You see all this stuff Ive just mentioned all goes on behind the scenes and its the stuff I DONT get paid for (financially)….Its what i do to make my business bigger and better, its what I do to move me forward both as a person and as a business….I do it because I love my little business…..but dont be fooled its hard graft – but no-one ever see’s this side of things

So if you ever think “oh its easy for u – you just teach a few classes and thats it” – you are sooo wrong, Im am not just a class Instructor or a personal trainer…..I am a business woman who runs a small but successful Health and Fitness and I am always striving to move it forward and make it work for me.

I am so happy YOU are part of OneBody Fitness and have helped to be part of its ongoing success and for that I am grateful

Jen xxx