Why cant we just Say Thank You

Posted on August 21st

Why cant we say Thank You??

Lets admit it, we all do it, even me….and when i do it I just wanna slap myself because I think “why have you just done that”

Why cant we take a compliment/a gift/a kind word?

Why do we struggle with just accepting it and saying “thanks”?


Person: “you look fab/I love that top/You hair is amazing”

Us: “Oh no Look at my skin/oh this old thing/oh are you messing its a show it needs doing”

Get what I mean??

Why cant we just accept a compliment and accept that a person is wanting to say something nice/kind/positive to us and make us feel good…for all we know it may have taken them a lot to say and then we just go and knock them down?

The more we invite and accept compliments/abundance into our lives – the more it will keep appearing .

If we keep brushing off compliments and rejecting them, if we keep saying “too good to be true or I cant believe it” when it comes to abundance and kind words form others….soon we wont have any of that in our lives.

You see thats how the universe works….it listens, listens to what you are saying to yourself and others…

Make sure your thoughts and words echo what you really want

How about next time someone gives you a compliment or gifts you something just simply say “Thank You” with a smile

Jen x