Workout fads

Posted on June 12th

Diet Fads and Workout Fads

This is going to be a short but sweet Article (she says)

Diet Fads and Workout Fads…..DONT WORK IN THE LONG RUN

The End…

haha joking of course but really….its pretty much the truth.

Diet Fads – there are far too many of them to even mention here….but I think you know what I am getting at, yes the QUICK FIXES that promise the world….and yes Ill admit in the “short term” they may help you lose “weight” but “long term” quite often they are doing more damage than good……messing with your metabolism, your hormones and your life… please stay away from these crazy, daft and dangerous quick fixes

Workout Fads – now this is a different kettle of fish because yes the workouts will “work” but a lot of these fads soon fade….something when it first comes out is BIG and everyone attends but after a few months/years it soon quietens off and then something else will be along in its place……there is nothin wrong with getting into these fads, but all I will say is make sure they work for YOU

I told you it would be a short one because I will be honest I could rant about DIETS all day long, but I think I made my point

Jen x