Yoga……what its NOT

Posted on March 2nd

Just throwing this out there.

There is a lot of misconceptions and judgement when it comes to Yoga.

Now I am a Yoga Teacher….but ….

Can I do everything?…NO

Am I the most bendy person ever?…NO

Can I do Headstands/Crow/Handstands?…NO

But does this define me as a Yoga Instructor?

Does this make me sh*t at what I do?

NO It doesn’t

Nor does it make you a sh*t participant if you can’t do these things or other poses either.

What we need to do is STOP comparing ourselves to others…to their journey, to their progress and to how they look when doing stuff 

We are all anatomically made different…for some people things come naturally, others need to work hard to feel and look and certain way and for some people no matter how much you practice – because we are all made differently.

Anatomically different what do I mean? Well some of us are “made” (so to speak) in a certain way that our bodies may never be able to do some stuff or get into certain postures….but does this define us?? No

For some of us injury may have caused us to not be able to do these things as it could pose extra injury or even harm to use….but does this define us and should this stop us from practicing?….NO

We need to remember we are all on our own journey

Stop comparing how we look to others – we can all be doing he exact same posture and all look completely different – but that’s hat is right for US

Focus on your journey

Focus on how you feel

Know you are NOT defined by what you can and can’t do

And most importantly be so utterly grateful for every movement your body does

I know even as a teacher there are some things I cannot do…and some I may never be able to do…and thats OK for me because as a teacher I am not there at the front of the class to show off what I can do…I am there to guide and teach (safely) my students and to have them leave  with a sense of empowerment and wellness and just sheer love


Jen x