Yoga with Jen

Posted on February 27th

Yoga Classes

I hear people say they are worried they will feel intimidated in a Yoga Class

I hear “Im not flexible enough” or “I need to lose weight first” or “Ive never done Yoga before” or “Im scared I wont be good enough”

Can I just say that by turning up on the mat…you are doing Yoga, by standing on your mat, connecting to your heart and breathing….you are doing Yoga

Lead with your intention
Lead with your heart

There is no judgement with me, no egos and no comparing….I encourage my classes to “feel” the pose rather than worry how they look or worry how anyone else looks.

In the nicest way possible…”No-One gives a sh*t” what you look like…and I mean that, everyone is there concentrating on themselves, how they feel and trying not to fall or wobble.

Focus on You
Focus on what happens on your mat
Dont worry about others
Everyone is at a different part of their Yoga Journey…even me, as the teacher I am on a journey with myself and with you too

Yoga isn’t about touching your toes, its about what you learn on the way down, its about the feeling when you are in the poses, its about connecting with your breath and its just about being kind to yourself and giving yourself the time and the space to just be present on the mat

When you come to my Yoga Class I want you to leave feeling connected, feeling that love and light inside your body and leave with gratitude for yourself…for taking the time to show up on the mat

Yoga is a journey
Overtime you turn up on the mat it will be different
Just focus on that present moment and yourself and dont worry about past or future classes or about anyone else in the class.

In my classes if you come and all you do is go into childs pose and breath, but leave feeling 10000% better, then I am happy.

Allow yourself that time

I hope to see you on the mat soon

Jen x