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Jen Mercer, Your Personal Health, Fitness and Wellness Coach

I help women find true Health and Happiness in their lives and help them find the time to love their body and mind. I work both physically and emotionally - helping to bring overall wellbeing.

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I’m Jen and you can see me as your very own wellbeing angel. I can help you on both a Physical and Spiritual level to find the best way to fall in love with your life again.

I can help you to overcome obstacles, get more energy and most importantly smile more.

I LOVE to help women regain who they really are and find true Health and Happiness

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Im Jen and I am on a mission to help people Embrace their body and overcome any Health, Fitness and Mindset Obstacles and Challenges to finally start loving who they really are from the inside out..every single bit! I offer both Online and Face2Face Coaching on a 1-2-1 and Group basis! Something for everyone no matter what your lifestyle is