Its all about “Personal” Training

Posted on August 4th

“Personal Training” – its called that because its “Personal” to the person who presents themselves infront of you every session….to me it doesn’t matter what I have planned for a session, sometimes I need to ask my client show “they” are feeling today…and sometimes the session will change. This week I changed my 1 of my PT sessions to a Yoga session from what I originally had planned…to suit the needs of both of my amazing clients, who work in stressful jobs. You see “exercise” is essentially another stress (good and bad) to the body…..and we all have what I like to call a “Stress Bucket” and if you keep adding to your stress bucket eventually it will overfill and cause health problems….I didn’t want to add to my clients stress buckets this week…I wanted to help take some of that away whilst also giving them the amazing benefits of a workout…so that was it, It was quick thinking but I listened….I listened to my clients – how they were feeling and what they “needed” – not what I “wanted” them to do….You see its a “personal” experience and PT isn’t all about “beasting” ur clients and making them feel sick and sweat like a b*tch…NO IM SORRY but its NOT….its about creating an experience, a session that will not only fulfill their physical needs but also their mental and emotional needs…..When I take on a client, everything I do/say/email/be with them is personal to their journey…to their health and their wellbeing, because its not about ME – its about them!! I create an experience of wellbeing, a safe place that they can train, be themselves and LOVE their bodies….and I like to think I build a relationship in which I can coach them to also fulfill their dreams and manage daily emotions and stressors they may face….I use both my skills and experience as a qualified PT and Life Coach with all my clients…..meaning they get a different experience than just “training”……I thank my clients Jem and Ana….for allowing me to bring this into our session and for embracing it – you see to me…thats what it is all about.