Be YOUR Best Self

Posted on January 9th

As we approach New Year..I dont want to encourage you to set an NY Resolution, a “fake” promise to lose weight. shape up, eat better……dont do this.

Honestly…its the worst Resolution you can set.

Instead make yourself a promise
A promise to Try
A promise to Value your Health
A promise to move more…in anyway
A promise to look after yourself

Make yourself a promise to be the healthiest and happiest version of YOU
Not for anyone else
Not for a “holiday”
Not because you feel “guilty” because you have over indulged this Christmas
Not because you think you have to – well ya know because thats what people do in New Year isnt it?

For YOUR Health
For YOUR Happiness

Dont wanna conform and make a resolution?? THEN DONT
Already know you are going to f**k up? THE DONT

Why put that added pressure on yourself??
Why add the stress” to the body??

How about instead you take January to reflect on what you really want this year?
On what really makes you happy?
On what you really want in your life??

Whatever that is…I wish you a healthy 2018

Jen x