Posted on July 6th

Bloated….who can relate??
These pictures are about 12 hours apart…..obv you can see the difference
Nothing major happened to make me bloat….it could have been a number of things….tiredness, stress, hormones, hydrated, something Ive eaten. digestive issues, water retention…..a lot of things can cause bloating.
This was painful though..I felt sick so I just went to bed and had a good nights sleep and woke up just like the other picture…
So if you get bloated please know its NOT unusual and your NOT alone…but we need to ensure we keep our eyes on it….and get to the root cause, because it just doesnt happen….I know mine was I was feeling really stressed and really all over the place.
If you bloat a lot….maybe keep a food diary and maybe journal your feelings and see how you feel and if there are any triggers!!
Youre not alone…but your also dont need to suffer