Crystals – where to start?

Posted on March 30th

Do you see peoples Crystal Collections and just wonder ” where do I start”?

With so many crystals around and them becoming a lot more popular lately, it can be confusing to know what crystals are good to start with cant it?

I always say to go with crystals you are drawn to, or that present themselves to you in the strangest of ways…..if you are drawn to a crystal for whatever reason it may be… need that crystals healing energies in your life….

But what if you aren’t drawn and just want to know where to start??

Ive put together a little list of Crystals I feel are GREAT Starters and GREAT all rounders too.
Rose Quartz – connected to the heart Chakra and all about Love, Self love and compassion – its a light pink crystal.

Amethyst – a great all rounder and really helps with calming the mind and anxiety too – its purple in colour

Clear Quartz – this is the master healer and also amplifies the energies of any other crystals it is around…a great one for the crystal tool box

Citrine – the crystal of energy and abundance, also a great financial abundance crystal ( I keep a piece in my purse always) – its yellow in colour

Whilst there are 1000s of different crystals…these 4 are a great starter

They can be bought as a crystal, on a bracelet or keyring, necklace…..its just personal preference.

I really hope this has helped and if you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch

Also if you would like to purchase these crystals, you can also do so from myself.

Love and Light

Jen x