Exercising and your Period

Posted on October 15th

Despite what you make think or been told …ITS OK to exercise during your period…actually you can get some good gains

I know, I Know sometimes its the LAST thing we wanna do….but I thought Id share some bits with you that may help with your training and also explain some things too.

We are always going to be 100% all the time, we cant always be on top of our game and smashing every goal….but what we can do is tailor our training to our cycle and tune into the body and be kind to it.

Its important that no matter what we listen to our body, but also know ITS OK to exercise during any part of your cycle

So we count Day 1 as the 1st day of the period

So obv the days below are examples as everyones period/cycle length is different 

During Day 1-3 you may not feel like exercising so keep in mind to be kind to yourself, rest when needed and just move your body in a way that feels good. 

During day 7-12 This is the Follicular Phase and a great time for HIIT –  especially long intensity style aerobics training

During Day 12-14 before Ovulation (so still in the follicular phase) there is a surge in estrogen and this is the best time to lift heavy and go for any PBs. This is because Estrogen has a positive effect on muscle growth and strength 

Around day 18-20 the Luteal Phase comes and energy can dip here so its better to go for a lighter/easier session with less stress on the body. Also the Body Temp will rise quicker due to progesterone and therefore you can fatigue quicker  – you can still lift weights but the focus should be decreasing weight and more reps.

When are progesterone levels are high it can increase our temperature and make it harder to cool down via sweat from the body….so factor this in

Feels bloated before the period?? Its he high hormone levels thats affect the hormones that regulate fluid in the body

BUT saying all this,…if all you want to do during your period is slob around and not move then you do you…dont feel you need to exercise