Full Moon Ritual

Posted on May 4th


1) Have a pen, a couple sheets of paper, and a timer. It is important that the paper is removed from a notebook before writing. Be sure both sides of each page are blank when you start.

2) Choose a challenging situation, relationship, or personal belief to bring forward and give yourself the opportunity to untether yourself from its limiting grip.

3) Set a timer for 15 minutes and for the full duration of time, let any and all feelings, information, associations, questions, frustrations, insights, etc., flow freely from your pen. Do not edit yourself. It can be as “shameful” and “embarrassing” as it needs to be. It is raw and authentic and that is what makes this work. Write the things that you would never say out loud. There is nothing wrong with you for feeling, but these feelings do not have to remain hindrances to you stepping fully into love. Allow yourself to be unapologetically human.

4) Once the timer sounds, pause. If you need to write more, keep going until every last drop is out.

5) Once done, DO NOT reread, revise, or edit. Take what you’ve written and rip it up into pieces. You have placed the energy on the page, and do not need it anymore.

6) If you have a safe place to burn the paper (such as a fire place, camp fire, or cauldron) you can choose to burn the paper. Otherwise, take the ripped up pieces and either burry them in the earth or discard them into a trash can outside of your home. The energy has been released from your body.

7) Wash your hands and if accessible smudge yourself with sage.

8) Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and acknowledge your power to release what you do not need.

9) This ritual can be repeated for as many topics/areas of your life that are hindering your experience of happiness and love.