Guess what… “can’t” outrun your fork

Posted on December 6th

Guess what……


Yep… matter how much you train if you eat sh*t then its a recipe for disasters

If you train hard all week and then ruin your diet at the weekend…yes thats fine and its your choice BUT the results will never come

They say Abs are made in the kitchen and in a way thats kinda true, what you eat and what your body absorbs will eventually reflect on the outside and your body is a clever little sausage.

If you train a few times a week that can be 4(ish)hours a week….so thats 164 hours a week you are not exercising (give or take)…so its sometimes more important what you do with those hours then whilst you are actually in the gym. (Im NOT saying the gym hours dont count….)

When it comes down to it….you just need to burn more calories than you consume…that is literally the basics….so unless you going to be exercising more than you’re not…it makes sense to look at your nutrition and make those tweaks and eat right, because you will never out run your fork (but not all calories are created equal)

It does go deeper than that above, as certain foods can trigger certain hormonal changes, food is sending your body information and it will in turn react..but let’s not get too technical.

No matter how hard you train,…YOU WONT see results if you have a sh*tty diet.

Match your diet to your training
Moderation is key
Avoid restricting your diet – as this can lead to long term damage

Good eating happens, exercise and harmony within are cornerstones to health, longevity, happiness and overall health

So stop trying to run away from your fork

Jen x