It gets Personal…

Posted on April 11th

I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this, I mean lets be honest its a bit personal and who is even arsed?? BUT there is a deeper meaning behind it and one I am sure some of you can relate too. Plus I wanted to be able to show that yeh us “fitness” are just human too!

So the 1st pics are May – 2018
2nd pics – Dec 2018
3rd pics – NOW

Last year I got help from to get me feeling better about my body and my health…even us fit pros need a coach and as you can see I done pretty well

And then BAM…it hit me (Just after Christmas 2018)

Whats caused me to go back a step??
It’s not being lazy….its my Mental Health…how Ive been feeling lately, the anxiety, mild depression and the feelings Ive been having, has caused my body to react and gain weight/fat for “protection” as when the body sense fear it needs extra layers to feel safe.

For the first time EVER I have started to comfort eat and this has of course added to the extra fat I have gained onto my body

NOW don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for all my body allows me to do, its strong and it allows me to be alive and continue to do my job…BUT its also falling apart

There is a BIG “Mind-Body” Connection that we often forget about….
Stress, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD….anything “Mental” can have an affect on the “Physical” AND Vice-Versa

Why am I sharing? Not so you feel sorry for me and not so you judge me…..I know Im in bad shape….you don’t need to tell me.

BUT its not all about how you “Look”…its how you “Feel” and I feel disgusted in myself BUT also proud that I am able to a admit this and open up.

If this helps just 1 person see that they are not alone
That their feelings are not “strange”
or that their Body Issues can be something more than just “diet”
Then I am happy

I don’t care for ur nasty comments….I get enough snide remarks to my face

Jen x