It’s OK….not to be OK

Posted on August 9th

It’s OK not to be OK

It’s OK not to be ok…..did you know that?

It’s OK to feel a bit shitty
It’s OK to eat that piece of cake/pizza/chocolate
It’s OK if you missed 1 workout
It’s OK if you chose that extra hour in bed
It’s OK if you didn’t go to “that” class
It’s OK to cry
It’s OK to have that Prosecco
Its OK to have body hang ups
It’s OK to not always be loving your body
Its OK if you chose to chill & watch the soaps
It’s OK if the washing is piled high
It’s OK to be “selfish” and have some time for YOU
It’s OK not to be OK

We are all human and during our time in this physical body there re going to be times when we are NOT OK….but do you know what? Yes you’ve guessed it…ITS OK!!!

Not everyday is going to be sh*ts and giggles
Not everyday is going to be amazing and all daisies and sunshine

If you slip up…so what?? We are all human – end of

Feel how you wanna feel
Live how you wanna live

BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER the chances of you being here right now are 4 trillion to one…yes I am not kidding…so remember how much of an amazing human being you are….and that everyone (even if they dont admit it) had times when they DONT feel OK…and do you know what’s…thats actually OK

LOVE Yourself
LOVE your body
Show gratitude always
Live YOUR life how you want to

But always remember that if you are having a crappy day…ITS OK (just try not to wallow in it, recognise it, accept it and MOVE ON)

We are all imperfect Human Beings

It’s OK not to be OK – it doesn’t make you weak, you could never be weak…you are alive and thats the hardest thing to be….Im so proud of YOU

Jen x