More than a class…

Posted on March 7th

What goes into a class?

We dont just rock up, lash the music on an start teaching…we dont just decide there and then this is what we are going to do and then BAM it all comes to us

NOOOOO we spend endless hours (unpaid may I add) making up routines, getting it to flow, finding the write music, the right BPM, the right moves to compliment each other.

We plan everything from the warm up to the stretch

We spend hours researching new things to bring, all the different ways to do a squat (LOL) 

Next time you attend a class – wether it be online or face2face – show some respect and courtesy  for the instructor….because I can guarantee they’ve spent hours creating this one class for you to enjoy

There is sooo much that goes into a class….so much love, care and attention

OK so I only speak for myself here cos I dont know what other instructors do…but please know when you attend my classes…be it online, outdoor or at the gym….you will get the BEST I can give, I will have planned and prepared the class an picked the music I think is the best

I care

I Love what I do

Its not “just a class”

Jen x.