My Biggest TOP for January….

Posted on January 10th

MY BIGGEST TIP for January
If you are changing or doing anything this month then my BIGGEST TIP is Drink Water
Sound simple right??…..but how many of us forget or just dont drink enough and then wonder why we feel drained?
Over Christmas we often eat all the lovely food….and stuff we may not eat all the time, we drink more than usual and maybe dont move as much and then this can leave us feeling lethargic, puffy and just a bit “blahhh”….You body is crying for some H20!!!
Grab a water bottle now and go fill it up..leave it on your desk, by the bed and take one when your out and about (and of course when at the gym)
The Body NEEDS Water and is crying out
Getting hydrated will help with your energy levels, skin and just make you feel so much better
Jen x