New Day, New Workout, New You

Posted on May 10th

Ok so I felt compelled to write this out this morning and if you follow me on insta and watch my stories you would already of seen it.

So I went to my early morning yoga class this morning at 7am…but this morning it was like my body just didn’t wanna play, I felt stiff, tired and it was like my body was like “no Jen…not today”…I battled through and do the best I could, but then something happened ….when we went into savasana at the end…which is the final pose for relaxation, I found myself beating myself up, and saying negative things to myself because I struggled….and then BAM something suddenly clicked..STOP JEN… about I be grateful for all the things my body has just done….the fact I got up at 545am to get to the Yoga class for 7am, that I moved in ways that are magical, that I was able to breath and feel every movement….how about that??

So what am I going on about??

I bet this happens to a lot of us….we turn up for a class/yoga/gym/run session (whatever your poison is) and we have a crap workout, and we wish we hadn’t of even turned up, we feel rubbish and then sometimes we compare ourselves to others and the teacher and then we beat ourselves up about it, we think we are never going to get where we wanna be, never be fit as others and we just wish we had stayed in bed with some hob nobs and a cuppa…anyone else felt this way??

Thing is…..we often forget to be grateful to ourselves and our body’s….the shear fact you can get out of bed in the morning, get to the gym/class…whatever and just MOVE is amazing, the fact your body allows you to do things you may never though was possible…its magical. Look at our body’s – they are machines…..they are amazing, look how they move…OK yeh somedays they move better than others….but so what??

Next time you are feeling this way during or after a workout…STOP and FLIP IT…..praise yourself and your body for the movement it brings, be compassionate and kind….

Everytime you turn up for your workout or you turn up on your mat for Yoga, its going to be different. Todays workout wont be like yesterday and it wont be like tomorrows, Your body will be different than it was yesterday and tomorrow when you wake up your body will be different again…yes really!!! So when you show up for that workout, be in the moment, accept your body for what is it NOW and accept yourself for what YOU are now….be grateful for the movement you can do.

Embrace the good with the bad, embrace the wobbles with the strengths 

Everyday isn’t going to be perfect

Every workout isn’t going to be amazing

All that matters is that you move, show gratitude and LOVE your body for what it is

You have an amazing machine that you live in, dont ever forget that

Now give yourself a hug haha

Jen x