Personal Training Success Stories

Success Stories of all The Fabulous Personal Training Clients I get to work with… So proud of them all!!

Andrea - 6 Weeks Buddy PT Program

Dropped 14.5inches

Lauren - 6 Weeks Buddy PT Program

Dropped 19.5inches and 10lbs

Lou - 6 Weeks PT Program

Dropped 8lbs and 18.5 inches all over BUT most of all changed her lifestyle and feels great from it!! SO PROUD OF LOU & her Transformation

Kate - 6 Weeks Buddy PT Program

Dropped 4lbs and 17inches!
Look at her waist!!!! You should see her abs!!

Andrea - 6 Weeks PT Program

Dropped 7lbs and 17inches

Claire M - 6 Weeks PT Program

Dropped 8lbs and 15inches

Emma - 12 Weeks PT Program


Emma Trained with me and lost 5lbs and a whopping 22inches in 12 weeks...even with a holiday in the is what Emma had to say about her training

“I started running in September 2012 as a challenge with my friends to run the Liverpool half marathon in March 2013. I achieved this challenge by training harder than I ever thought I would, but it wasn’t enough for me so I approached Jen. I explained what I wanted and Jen put me on the right path. I had to get out of my comfort zone, eating biscuits in work, crisps while cooking the tea, all the bad habits that I liked to ignore and thought nothing of.

Jen has really trained me into thinking about what I eat and the reasons why I should/shouldn’t eat certain foods. Also the training is really great and you feel like you’ve worked really hard after. Jen is great at making you feel the best at your worst, if you’re feeling a bit defeated she encourages you to keep on going. After just 12 weeks of training I feel fantastic. I’m sleeping better, my skin looks healthier, I feel and look fitter, and best of all people are complimenting me on my weight loss and body change."

Louise - 4 Weeks PT Program

Louise worked with me for 4 weeks. She really didnt have that much to lose and wanted to increase her fitness levels....Louise Lost 10lbs and 17inches (5 of which came off her waist) in just 4 weeks...Check out Louise’s Video Testimonial Below this Document to see what she thought of the Program

Vicky - 8 weeks PT Program

Vicky has dropped 15inches and 12.5lbs in 8 weeks

Shauna - 6 Weeks PT Program

Shauna lost 14inches in just 6 weeks, and as you can see from the pictures is more lean and toned!

“After my 6 week health and training programme with Jen I can honestly say I have never felt fitter and healthier. The results I achieved were far better than anything I have tried before, I was a member of a gym for 2 years previous and didn’t achieve half of what I did on the 6 week programme.

Firstly one of the major plus points is the support you receive from Jen, guidance and advice is always at hand. Jen pushes you towards your goals in a supportive energetic way , and is truly understanding in listening to your aims, this is one thing I absolutely loved about the programme, she gave me the inspiration to work on through it,
as plans are constructed around you and what you wish to achieve.

I will be honest the detox at the start of the 6 weeks was difficult, however once I got past it I started to notice a change. One of the major differences was the amount of energy I had, normally mid afternoon people can start to feel tired in work etc this tiredness shifted I felt a new wave of energy in my body as it wasn’t relying on sugar to help me get through the day, another plus point was I used to often get headaches, again these stopped.

Jen was very helpful in offering various food ideas, I never felt restricted in the food I ate and it was fun to try new meal ideas.

If you are serious about getting in shape and improving your diet then Jens programme is for you. What I have taken away from it, is that I am more educated in what foods are good and bad for you and how they make you feel, not only that but I have improved some of my work out technique and learnt new exercises for future use.”

Helen - 1-2-1 PT Program

Heres what Helen had to say…….

“I took part in Jen's personal training programme in January of this year to loose weight for my wedding in June. This included free access to her classes including zumba, pilates and her evening bootcamp all of which I took full advantage of. I also had a one on one training session once a week with Jen.

The last time I had exercised was properly during school so since I was 24 I was very apprehensive! Jen was amazing with me, she took things at a pace that was right for me but pushed me a little more every time. The one on one sessions soon became the highlight of my week as not only would I feel great (if not a little sore!) after the session but I had such a giggle with Jen as her personality and fun nature is infectious!

The nutrition side of things was hard at first but you soon get used to it. Jen was constantly on hand to give support and recipes and she would often keep me motivated by sending me cheerful texts! I lost around two stone and two dress sizes whilst working with Jen and felt great on my wedding day!"
Owe it all to Jen and her dedication to helping women meet their targets and live a happier, healthier life. Jen is not only an amazing trainer but I now class her as good friend and I am so happy I took part in her programme. If you are thinking about taking part in any of her programmes then don't...just do it! 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Love her to bits x”


Sue - 8 Weeks PT Program

Sue dropped 12.5lbs and 14inches in 8 weeks. AMAZING RESULTS!

Jacqui - 12 Weeks PT Program

Dropped 1 Stone and 3lbs and 24 Inches and also completely transformed her Health, Fitness and Stamina…Look at that SMILE!