Stress and Work

Posted on April 16th

Stress and Work

We can get stress from work – whether you are working from home or in a office/shop/business environment, but it can bring unwanted stress on

Yes of course as part of any job there is an element of Stress associated with it….and sometimes this can be a good stress or maybe a stress that comes an then goes…and doesnt cause much upset, but there can be long term stress that comes with a job which can cause upset and actual distress to your life.

Stress can be both internal (from yourself and the pressures you put on yourself) and external from a boss/colleagues…like a peer pressure.

Ways to deal with Stress at Work:

  • Take regular breaks
  • Leave the office/home office on your break and even just go for a walk
  • Do some gentle mobility at your desk – especially for your shoulders and neck 
  • If someone is causing you stress – walk away and take 5 to breathe
  • Talk to your boss
  • Address the issues with colleagues etc
  • Set work-life boundaries
  • Prioritise your daily tasks..make them more manageable
  • Seek help if needed with work and dont be brushed off
  • Can you delegate some of the workload?
  • Stay Hydrated and Fuel your body
  • Know your triggers – maybe keep a log

We spend a LOT of time at work so make sure its a nice and relaxed environment

Make the changes you need to make

Talk it out

Jen x