Stuck in a workout rut???

Posted on June 12th

This blog is all about “being stuck in a rut”

Its happened to us all at some point during training.

The body will get used to a certain way of training/certain classes etc and eventually you will get bored or literally get stuck in a rut…..and even maybe the results you are after may plateau

My BEST piece of advice for this is _ DONT STRESS, Take some time off to rest the body (because thats probably the underlying reason why you are feeling that way) and come up with a new plan.

Dont beat yourself up, its the worse thing you can do because by doing this you are never going to move anywhere because you will be in a negative frame of mind.

There are times in everyones life when we get stuck in a rut and not just with exercise just in general – I think this is a sign, a sign that things need to be re-evaluated and you need to see whats going wrong and change it……

The worst thing to do is stay in this rut, and keeping beating yourself up and have that negative inner dialogue going on, because this isn’t going to change anything.

If we think in regards to exercise and diet…..

If you feel you are stuck in a rut with your training, firstly thick WHY… it because you aren’t seeing results? are you bored?….think of WHY first and then go from there, after 6-8 weeks we need to mix it up otherwise the body just becomes used to it….so maybe thats the problem??

If you are eating the wrong food maybe thats affecting not only your weight but your mood and your energy…..have a look and make a food diary and look and see what you are or aren’t eating.

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and not stress to much about it….I know this sound like a cop out answer but really it is the only answer

If you are seriously stuck in a Fitness Rut…here is my TOP TIPS:

  • Take a break
  • Dont stress
  • Dont beat yourself up
  • Try something new
  • Have a massage – seriously – chill that body out
  • Get a Trainer – if you need that extra help
  • Attend a class
  • Write a list (i love lists haha) and see what you can and cant change

Its OK to feel this way, it happens to the best of us

Just take time for YOU

Jen x